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The Group LITA (Laboratory of Innovation and Technology in Architecture) is a UPC emerging research group  that gets together experts from different age, training and experience. They are united by a common point of interest, which is the technology applied to architecture, and their every day contact as teachers in both schools of architecture at the UPC.


The group maintains a balanced structure between its research experience and its teaching task at the two schools of architecture at the UPC, Barcelona and Sant Cugat del Vallès. Professor Joan-Lluís Zamora i Mestre is the coordinator of the group and former director of the Department of Architecture Technology I.

The group joins experienced people: full professors (2), mature people: associate professors TU (3) and assistant professors TEU (1), and also younger people in the process of promotion (2) . Among the younger people there are two ladies, one of them coming from a non European Union country, showing the group openness into new profiles.

Interdisciplinary Group

The group consists mainly of architects, all doctors, but it also has two doctors in basic sciences, one in physics and another one in chemistry.

The group has also collaborated with teachers from the UPC or other universities in specific activities: among others, engineering and 3D modeling experts.