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Peña Villamil, Diana (Dra)

 Diana Peña

- PhD. Architectural Construction, Restoration, and Rehabilitation

Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain 2012

Architect. National University of Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia 1994

– Professional experience in a variety of roles, settings and Lightweight and Membrane Structures.

– Complex 3D structural modeling/analysis including AutoCAD, WinTess, basic EasyCAD.

– Research in SMiA Group – Structural Morphologic in Architecture, UPC Barcelona, Spain.

– Lightweight-Structures Fellowship: ILEK Institute, Stuttgart, Germany.

– PhD: UPC Barcelona, Lightweight Structures “Tensegrity Dome for a Sports Arena”

under the direction of Josep I. Llorens and Ramon Sastre.

- Collaborator Architect  in planning projects, public space, housing and rehabilitation with different architectural firm in Colombia, Spain and China

– Conference presentations: USA, China, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Chile, Venezuela, and Colombia.

-Published: IASS, IJSS, Cimne, Tensinet, and SEWC.

- Award at Techtextil Frankfurt – Germany (2011). Second place in the category of Macro-architecture: “Textile Structures For New Building 2011” with the project “Tensegrity Dome for a Sports Arena”


Research Interests

Lightweight Structures

Membrane Structures



Key publications

– IASS International Association for Shell and Structures. Vol.52 No.2 ISSN 1028-365X, 2011.

Form finding and Structural Analysis of a Tensegrity Dome.

– IJSS International Journal of Space Structures Vol.25 Nº1. ISSN 0266-3511. Editor Rene Motro. Multi-Science Publishing Co. Ltda. UK., 2010.

– SEWC Structural Engineers World Congress. Editor L.E.G.O. spa – Como, Italia, 2011.

Tensegrity Ring for a Sports Arena: Form finding and Testing.


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PhD Thesis:

ILEK Tensegrity Prototype :